Paza – Zun


Paza – Zun
Ninjani Diskus 2014
Basically Paza And A Caffeinated Sleeby Darkoid Zunzuncito

1. Caffeinated Zunzuncito
2. Darkoid
3. Sleeby
4. Caffeinated Zunzuncito (Psilodump Remix)



lWlVl Festival



















Fer latest additions check :  lWlVl Festival Two days of lo-bit music, art, and interactive work. August 22-23, 2014 New York City On the stage: PAZA RAHM (SE) BIT SHIFTER (US) IAYD (US) MEISHI SMILE (US) MENEO (ES) SHIROBON (UK) SLIME GIRLS (US) Trash80 US) LTRON (US) live visuals by: RAQUEL MEYERS (SE) CHROMACLE (US) FUTURESTACK (US) ROSA MENKMAN (DK) BATSLY ADAMS (US) installation by: PHILLIP STEARNS (US) DANIEL TEMKIN (US) MARK KLEEB (US) DEATH BY AUDIO ARCADE (US) More to come..

Psildump – Låtsades Krama Remixes (10 year anniversary)









Psildump – Låtsades Krama Remixes (10 year anniversary) 

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Psilodump’s “Memory Loss” EP,

476 Digital brings you two remix EP’s, containing both old and brand
new remixes of the micro_hits “Jag Minns Inte” and “Låtsades Krama”,
neatly (re)mastered!

Be sure the check out the original 2004 release on 8bitpeoples;

…as well as the remastered 2010 ReDump-version;

Track 1 remixed by Paza Rahm.
Track 2 remixed by William Rickman.
Track 3 remixed by Eki Jokisalo.
Track 4 isn’t even remixed.
Original artwork by TET / Camilo Collao.
Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio.

Paza Rahm – @paza-rahm
Random – @random
Sienis – @sienis
Sage Audio - “


Paza tune in game!?!



Eternal Bubbles
A bubble puzzle game for Android, called Eternal Bubbles and featuring music by Paza Rahm, is now available on Google Play!!!

Eternal Bubbles is fast mind bending bubble puzzle action at its best.
The ultimate bubble blasting puzzle mayhem brain bender!


-12 bubble types,10 sceneries, 50 levels
-lovely retrotastic hand pixeled pixel art & stunningly beautiful animations
-play in both portrait and landscape orientation
-supports smartphones and tablets
-Now with great chiptune music by Paza Rahm
-Ad Free

-Intuitive touch controls and gameplay:
Move your finger to aim, release to shoot.
Match three or more bubbles of the same color to make them disappear, chain more together for a combo bonus and finish levels in less time for a time bonus.

Ideal for fans of bubble puzzle games ( ones in the vein of Bubble Bust, Shoot Bubble, Bubble Blast,Bubble Buster, Frozen Bubble, Puzzle Bobble / Bust a move, Bubble Bash,
Bubble Pop, etc.)”

Eternal Bubbles


You can find this track, called “Forest“, on “Paza Rahm – And His Gummiband [Spotify] [iTunes] and many other places just google it! ;D